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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexana 8.6

Guild - Alvaros Crew

The guild was found on Hexana on March 23 2013.
It is led by Awesome Wayne.

Guild members
RankName and titleLevel and vocation
Hippytano Awesome Wayne (Más flamenca que un lucero) 428 Elite Knight
Don Wayne (Se abrazaron a la vía) 139 Elder Druid
Vice-Leader Kebabrullarn Moee 296 Elite Knight
M At 401 Elite Knight
Rudy Rumun 234 Royal Paladin
Supression 80 Royal Paladin
Member Turlam Pyzy 741 Master Sorcerer
Guess Who 627 Master Sorcerer
Buk Lau 516 Elder Druid
Dave 327 Master Sorcerer
Blendzior Bez Rolexa 643 Elder Druid
Lohmanders 535 Elder Druid
Chiraq 460 Elder Druid
Crash Dummy Ii 635 Master Sorcerer
Willow 443 Master Sorcerer
Dj Pig 770 Elder Druid
Wille Paramax 478 Elder Druid
Al Lacha 275 Royal Paladin
Dr Kaoz 357 Master Sorcerer
Crusty Demon I 655 Royal Paladin
Espidifen 104 Elite Knight
Fluidasa Dominando 107 Elite Knight
Sha'Rtil 789 Royal Paladin
Carnavalero Silent Evil I (Más hippi que canastero) 313 Royal Paladin
Silent Wayne (Mi mare una aventurera) 279 Royal Paladin
Itano canastero Awesome Wayne I (Y en el camino del mundo) 279 Elite Knight
Caletero Najlepsze (Y se dijeron) 283 Elder Druid
Akaym' (Te quiero) 274 Elder Druid

1. Kucu Here 554 Elder Druid

Number of Members in Guild:28
Number of online Members in Guild:2
Average level in Guild:410
Highest level in Guild: Sha'Rtil [789]
Lowest level in Guild: Supression [80]
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