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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Hexana 8.6

On our server you can buy characters unused/abandoned for longer period of time. It is the best option for players who do not have much time for leveling up and would not like to start playing from the beginning. The character is bought with all belongings it currently has (in depo or equipped) and house if there is any. Additionally you can create a new name for the character.

Characters not logged for the last 30 days can be put on the list below. If you do not want your character to be bought, just log it in the game! Hurry up because if the character is auctioned, you will not be able to retrieve it.

If your bid gets overbid, your points will be returned to your account!

If you buy a character, it will be added to the account from which you made your bid!

Buy characters
NamePointsBidsEnds in#
Nocny Aniol
Elite Knight, 597lvl
400 1 21h 06m 57s Buy it!
Elite Knight, 578lvl
0 0 21h 06m 57s Buy it!
Master Sorcerer, 540lvl
50 1 17h 36m 57s Buy it!

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